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Discovering the line of fifths in a large historical corpus

An increasing number of corpus studies relies on pitch-class distributions in order to infer characteristics of musical pieces under a …


The importance of modeling in computational musicology

In recent years, the increasing interest of music theorists in algorithmic analysis as well as the growing amount of musical corpora …

Tonality: Perspectives of historical musicology and corpus studies

Workshop: Analyzing musical pieces on the Tonnetz using the pitchplots Python library

A central debate of 19th-century music theory concerns graphical depictions of tonal relations, commonly called the Tonnetz. More …

Workshop: Data-Driven Music History

Traditionally, there has been a strict separation between the humanities and the sciences, encompassing qualitative-hermeneutic and …

Computational Musicology and the Digital Humanities: Problems, Practices, and Prospects


Transitions of Tonality: Perspectives on the Historical Changes of Tonal Pitch Relations from Computational Musicology, Music Theory, and the Digital Humanities.

Tonality has been the cornerstone of Western music-theoretical discourse for centuries. This study addresses the subject, using …

Tracing the History of Tonality with Note Distributions

What can we infer about tonality from distributions of notes in musical pieces?

Inferring Tonality from Note Distributions - Why Models Matter

The present approach aims at bridging mathematical music theory and computational music analysis by combining formal models of tonal …

Analyzing Tonality with Note Distributions

On the usefulness of pitch-class distributions for Digital Musicology


Harmony and Form in Brazilian Choro: A Corpus Study

Empirical Background

Digital musicology and computational music analysis have gained momentum in recent years, largely due to the …

A Maximum Likelihood Model for the Harmonic Analysis of Symbolic Music

Poster presented by Fabian C. Moss

Corpus Research in Digital Musicology

A Brief History of Tonality